Audiology@home builds long-term relationships with its clients. Once you have been fitted with hearing aids, I ensure that the aids continue to provide you with optimal sound amplification and that you receive all the support you need after your initial fit. You will have access to a number of free follow-up consultations. These follow-ups are to fine-tune hearing aids when needed, based on your feedback and experience with the specific aid. These follow up visits help us makes sure that the aids continue to do its best for you.

Because you wear your hearing aids daily, repair and maintenance services are necessary. Therefore, audiology@home provides repair services. The audiologist will assess the damage and decide on the best action. Dependent on the damage, minor repair services are done by the audiologist while more complex repairs are done by the aid manufacturer. The audiologist will send the devices to the company and will make certain that it is repaired and sent back speedily.

We also supply custom swimming plugs.

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Hearing aid care and maintenance