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Hearing loss can affect us all, at any stage of life. There are approximately 2-4 babies out of 1000 that are born with a hearing loss every day. Other people experience it, temporally, because of middle ear infections and many experience hearing loss, permanently, because of aging. Did you know that approximately 75 % of adults develop a hearing loss by the age of 75?

Audiology@Home was created with you in mind and was the brainchild of Lee-anne Hector, a professionally registered Audiologist operating in the Cape Town metropolitan area. It is professional and quality audiology services that is mobile and conveniently comes to you. This practice focuses on adults with hearing difficulties. Services provided include: hearing tests, supply and fitting of hearing aids and hearing care and maintenance services. You don’t have to drive out for these services. We provide our Audiology services in the convenience of your home.

I love what I do and pride myself on providing expert hearing care, through caring encounters with clients. My goal is to improve your quality of life by improving your hearing.  It’s important to Audiology@Home that we see you enjoying conversations again.

Audiology@Home services are provided by Lee-Ann Hector Audiology, Pr.No: 0877026

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Have you experienced any of the following?

· Difficulty hearing clearly in noisy places?

· Difficulty following a conversation when more than one person in a group conversation is talking?

· Are you increasing the volume of the TV, while others complain that it is too loud?

· Do you feel like you can hear but sometimes cannot clearly make out some of the words that were said?

· Do you feel that other people mumble when they talk?

· Do you hear ringing sounds in your ears?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then please contact Audiology@Home for a comprehensive hearing test and find a solution that’s tailored for you.

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Our Services

Hearing tests
Audiology@Home offers a comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluation ...
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Hearing aids
Hearing aid technology has improved tremendously over the years ...
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Hearing aid care and maintenance
Audiology@Home believes in building long-term relationships with its clients ...
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What does a hearing assessment involve?
It is a non-painful procedure. An assessment is done of the middle ear space to ascertain whether or not you have healthy functioning middle ears. The assessment further includes headphones placed on your head with a series of sound presented, requiring you to respond to it. It also includes an assessment of our ability to follow and discriminate speech. It is usually 45-90 minutes long.
How much do hearing aids cost?
The cost of hearing aids depends on the level of technology in it. The range of aids fall into three categories: entry-level, middle range and top end devices. Entry level aids provide basic technology and features to suit more simple lifestyle and listening needs. It also suits a limited budget. Top end aids, alternatively, provides highest quality technology and features to suit more complex listening needs and lifestyles. It also suits people with a less restricted budget. The higher the level of technology, the clearer the definition of sound. Audiology@Home offers the complete range of hearing aids above and it could cost between R6000-R60000. The audiologist is trained and experienced in selecting the most suitable device for you- a device that both meet your hearing needs and your budget.
Does medical aid cover hearing tests and hearing aids?
Yes, most medical aids pay out of their “savings” portion/day-to-day cover for audiology consultations and hearing tests, given that you have funds available at the time of the assessment. Hearing aids are usually covered under a separate fund/portion for "devices/prosthetics”. Most medical aids will pay for two hearing aids, once every 2-3 years.
Do I need any referral letters to make an appointment?
You do not need any referral letters. You do however have to see a doctor if you have discharging ears. Discharging ears need to be treated and dried by a medical professional before your hearing test. It is also a good idea to have wax removed from your ears before your hearing test.

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